In the complex world of business, the ability to conduct thorough and effective investigations into fraud, corruption, or ethical violations is more critical than ever. These investigations, often led or supported by professionals without formal investigative experience, are pivotal in identifying and mitigating risks within an organisation. Recognising the need, we have developed an online Investigations Management Training Programme designed to develop leadership capacity through developing new understanding and experiential learning.

Why Is This Training Needed?

Investigations into misconduct within an organisation are not just about finding the truth; they’re about protecting the integrity of your business and ensuring continuity. Inadequately managed investigations can expose your company to significant risk, harm reputations, and even lead to legal challenges. Our programme is specifically designed to equip internal investigators with the essential skills needed to handle these situations adeptly. This includes planning and conducting investigations, interviewing techniques, and evidence handling to preserve evidential integrity.

What Does the Training Involve?

Our comprehensive training is divided into a two-day intensive workshop, supplemented by 12 months of access to our 13-module Investigations Management eLearning Program.

Day 1 of the workshop focuses on understanding the importance of appropriate investigations, recognising how fraud and corruption can impact business resilience, and assessing the complex risks associated with these activities.

Day 2 delves into practical aspects, including conducting effective and compliant forensic interviews, planning and conducting investigations, and the legal aspects of gathering, processing, and presenting evidence.

Participants will benefit from 8 hours of instruction spread over two 4-hour blocks, along with 10 hours of eLearning, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is suited for leaders and managers tasked with overseeing or conducting investigations within their organisations. Whether you’re looking to upskill your team or enhance your own knowledge, our training offers invaluable insights and practical skills to manage internal investigations effectively.

More Information

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Seeking Additional Expertise?

At times, even the most vigilant organisations may find themselves in need of external support to manage complex investigations. Castor Vali’s Corporate Assurance services step in to offer discreet, comprehensive investigations that delve into and address workplace malpractices. Our seasoned team, armed with advanced investigative techniques and deep industry knowledge, is adept at uncovering instances of fraud, corruption, and misconduct. Find out more about our Corporate Assurance Services here.

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