Castor Vali is a leading provider of high-calibre, security specialists, and adaptable unarmed security liaison personnel, with experience and expertise across diverse roles. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our people, as we take pride in delivering exceptional security solutions. 

In the offshore and maritime domains, Castor Vali supports clients by deploying skilled personnel from our hand-picked pool of security professionals. Whether the requirement is for a short-term contract or longer, embedded support, we provide both expatriate and regional personnel tailored to meet our client’s project and budget requirements. 

Our specialist teams play a crucial role in supporting the vessel Master, Party Chief (PC), or Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) by implementing protocols detailed within the security plan or ship’s security plan. Their expertise extends to providing professional advice, alleviating the security burden of the vessel, and serving as a security focal point for all crew members. We seamlessly integrate with the crew, delivering initial security training tailored to the specific risks, along with security briefings on immediate actions to be taken. All training is reinforced by drills, and ongoing training and security briefings ensure that any on-signer is fully trained within 24 hours of boarding the vessel. 

Independent of the vessel’s watch routine, Castor Vali personnel institute an additional independent security watch routine. This includes regular patrols, observation of vulnerable areas, and the utilisation of advanced tools such as thermal imagery, night-vision goggles, and the vessel’s radar. 

When collaborating with a host nation security force, Castor Vali provides personnel with a unique blend of ex-military experience, retrained and acclimatised to the commercial offshore environment. Beyond their core security duties, they offer valuable insights and advice on the escalation and appropriate use of force in accordance with international law and best practices.

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