Experts in Global Security and
Risk Management

Castor Vali is a global corporate security and risk management company specialising in providing International Protective Services, Corporate Security and Risk Management services to governments, multinational organisations and the energy sector in emerging and high-risk markets.

Corporate Security Services

Castor Vali provides a wide range of high-quality security risk management services that have been tailored for the corporate, development and government sectors. All are delivered to international standards and all are designed with a common goal – that of helping create and maintain the safest possible environment for staff, equipment, information and premises.


Security Information Services

Castor Vali’s dedicated team of country risk analysts provide accurate and timely reporting on security, political and commercial events throughout Africa and beyond to support our clients in key geographical locations. Our range of reports, which include both subscription-based and tailored assessments, makes it possible for companies to access the information they need to manage their exposure to risks and explore further opportunities.


Energy Sector Security

Castor Vali is a leading security supplier to some of the largest names within the energy sector. We have significant experience supporting complex onshore and offshore projects globally, with particular emphasis on the East and West coasts of Africa. Our teams are leading professionals, delivering services to the highest industry standards with the added benefit of years of operational knowledge from previous projects.


Maritime Security

Castor Vali has successfully provided armed and unarmed maritime security solutions for the commercial shipping industry, to the highest industry standards, since 2011. Our significant resources and geographical positioning, coupled with our experience in maritime operations, competitive pricing and longstanding reputation for quality and safety make us the prime choice for maritime security services.


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