Castor Vali provides professional armed and unarmed security teams to manage threats while seamlessly integrating with the yacht and crew.

We discreetly support a large number of superyachts navigating high-risk waters and are well-known within the superyacht industry for our professional approach. We recognise that supporting superyachts requires a dynamic team that can integrate comfortably with the crew while being discreet and culturally aware of the working nature of the vessel. 

We support our clients with armed and unarmed services, both offshore and onshore, employing qualified close protection personnel. Our superyacht security personnel receive additional training on yacht etiquette, general bearing, and expected conduct on board. Our standard operating procedures are adapted to ensure the vessel is protected from all aggressors, whether in port or at sea. 

Did you know Castor Vali also provides close protection services? Explore more about our offerings here to discover the comprehensive security solutions we provide for the safety and protection of superyachts and their crews.

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