Castor Vali launches a new online micro-learning program dedicated to Staff Security, Safety, and Cultural Awareness. This program offers professionals the essential knowledge and skills required to address a wide range of physical safety and security risks.

Online staff security training

Why this Course is Needed

In an ever-changing world, the ability to understand and contextualise security, safety, and cultural risks is of paramount importance. This applies not only to those venturing into unfamiliar environments but also to professionals working, travelling, or socialising at home. Castor Vali recognises the significance of being prepared and informed in an increasingly complex global landscape.

Focused Learning Modules

The program includes a deep ever-growing library of focused learning modules, each designed to be completed in just 9 to 19-minute segments. Training is available in over 10 languages, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for diverse audiences. Our program content and language options are being continually expanded at no additional cost to our users.

Tailored Delivery

All training is delivered in English, with the option of subtitles in two languages of your choice. In addition to the modules included in the Online Staff Security, Safety, and Cultural Awareness Training, you can select two further modules from our extensive course catalogue. This flexibility ensures that the training program evolves in line with each organisation’s specific needs. At Castor Vali we also rebrand all modules and add a 5-minute client-specific introduction, ensuring the content is tailored to your organisation.

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