Castor Vali specialises in conducting comprehensive vessel and rig hardening vulnerability assessments which are a critical step before our clients’ vessels mobilise into high-risk waters. These assessments are pivotal in ensuring that vessels are adequately prepared to operate offshore safely. 

In locations where an armed solution may not be feasible or deemed necessary, the hardening of vessels and rigs serves as the primary line of defence in the event of an attack. The vessel/rig must be ready and capable of implementing lockdown procedures and providing an effective response while awaiting external support. 

Leveraging our extensive experience in vessel and rig hardening, Castor Vali adheres to best management practices and adopts a pragmatic approach. Our goal is to ensure that vessels can operate freely while maintaining a robust security posture. We consider various factors, including vessel arrangement, working nature, health and safety, and the operating environment.

Prior to any physical assessment, we conduct a detailed study of previous hardening fabrications, the vessel specification sheet, and general arrangement. This meticulous preparation ensures a thorough and effective assessment. Our approach follows the principles of Deter-Detect-Delay-Deny, and upon completion, we provide a detailed vulnerability assessment outlining identified issues and the required mitigation measures. 

A vessel/rig vulnerability assessment is not limited to high-risk piracy waters; it enhances overall security across a vessel’s global footprint. The assessment aligns with the vessel’s ship security plan and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code. 

With years of experience in hardening all classes of vessels, Castor Vali is a professional option to support your vessel/rig security requirements.

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