Castor Vali introduces TrackAssist, our platform for travel risk management and intelligence, developed in collaboration with our technical partner Safeture. This intuitive platform empowers organisations to secure their personnel and assets by integrating risk and location data for smarter decision-making and precise communications. TrackAssist seamlessly connects with client travel booking systems through an API, enhancing our comprehensive journey management services. It ensures vigilant travel risk management and duty of care for employees globally, providing support in times of crisis.


A ‘GLIMPSE’ into CV’s TRACKASSIST solutions.

Holistic Duty of Care Solution

Developed to support all journey requirements from critical incident management to ensuring confirmed safety. Our robust procedures meet the highest ethical and legal benchmarks.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for optimal user experience, TrackAssist is accessible through web and mobile applications, catering to both Apple and Android platforms.

Market Leadership

Take advantage of an industry-leading platform, with streamlined access to essential risk management resources.

Flexible and Seamless Integration

Designed to effortlessly integrate into your existing operational infrastructure, TrackAssist’s API harmonises with HR platforms, Travel Management Companies, and third-party content, promoting a streamlined workflow.

Robust Data Security

Leveraging a security framework that surpasses industry standards, we champion data protection standards that are both stringent and trustworthy.

Personalised Privacy Settings

TrackAssist entrusts end-users with the autonomy to customise their privacy settings, achieving an optimum balance between security and privacy.

Scalable Architecture

Our platform evolves alongside your business, ensuring that you are equipped with a future-proofed system that meets your needs at every stage of growth.

Technological Excellence

At the forefront of innovation, TrackAssist continually upgrades to serve your future needs with cutting-edge technology.

Discover more about what TrackAssist offers with our comprehensive brochure and an informative video available at the provided link. Castor Vali TrackAssist App.

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