Understanding and contextualising security, safety, and cultural risks is paramount for employees. This holds true not only for those journeying to unfamiliar or high-risk environments, but also for everyday situations at work, travel, or social gatherings. Recognising this need, Castor Vali has developed a comprehensive 60-minute security, safety, and cultural awareness program, to equip our clients’ employees with the critical knowledge and skills they need to operate safely.

Drawing from our extensive experience across the globe, we successfully provide internationally certified training to our clients. Our training program is designed to enhance personal safety, reduce security risks, and instil confidence in participants to effectively respond to threats.

Training Content

Our training program covers a wide array of topics, including:

  • Travel Preparation: Strategies for safe and informed travel.
  • Personal Safety and Security Awareness: Essential tips for maintaining personal security.
  • Civil Disorder Threats: Understanding and navigating through civil unrest.
  • Arrest and Detention Protocols: Guidelines on handling legal challenges in foreign environments.
  • Illegal or Hostile Checkpoints: Tactics for dealing with unexpected or dangerous checkpoints.
  • Active Shooter and Armed Aggressor Threats: Practical measures for such high-risk scenarios.
  • Additional Focuses: Including hotel security, LGBTQIA risk awareness, female security, health considerations, and natural disaster preparedness.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Our training program is available in English as well as French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, and Bahasa, with more languages being added. It can be self-hosted on your Learning Management System (LMS) or accessed through our single-access portal for streaming and downloading.

Castor Vali’s global security awareness training program is more than just a training module; it’s an essential toolkit for navigating today’s complex security landscape. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or a professional operating in high-risk areas, this program is an invaluable resource for enhancing safety and resilience. 

This security awareness programme is just part of our range of certified eLearning training. These courses include Crisis Management Training, Security Management, Program Management Risk Leadership, and many others. Our training is designed to be flexible, self-paced, and available in multiple languages. The programs cater to the needs of all clients as well as security and risk professionals, providing comprehensive knowledge and skills for managing various risks and crisis situations.

For more information on Castor Vali’s Global Security Awareness program, you can contact us at training@castorvali.com or info@castorvali.com 

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