Navigate maritime risks with confidence using Castor Vali’s advanced Maritime Subscription Packages.

Our dynamic intelligence monitoring system is designed to keep you ahead of potential threats, encompassing piracy, terrorism, and other modern-day maritime risks. Through timely analysis of maritime activities, we deliver strategic insights to pinpoint high-risk zones, enabling the precise deployment of resources to safeguard your vessels, crew, and reputation.

Navigate uncertainties confidently with Castor Vali’s Maritime Risk Monitoring, ensuring the security and success of your maritime operations.

As a maritime security company, our foundation enables us to provide our reports to clients through the following products:

  • Maritime Flash Alerts: These are sent on an ongoing basis when significant reported and verified incidents emerge. Such alerts are produced for all offshore areas globally and are offered for free to clients as part of our ongoing support to the maritime industry and seafarers since our inception.
  • Maritime Weekly Reports: This weekly summary provides a review of key incidents globally (West Africa, Indian Ocean high-risk areas, Southeast Asia and the Americas) with supporting analysis, forecasts and graphics to ensure clients are able to manage their operations in high-risk areas.

We encourage our clients to test our services and offer free trials to interested clients at any time. 

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