Press Release – CV Risk’s new Terrorism Awareness Courses

UK’s first Terrorism Awareness Training Courses – “As crucial as fire drills”

Businesses are being urged to take up new terrorism awareness courses as part of their health and safety approach with organisers stressing they are as crucial as fire drills in the current climate.

Three quarters of the population admit they are concerned that a terrorist attack in the UK is imminent, rising to four out of five Londoners worried that the Capital is under the biggest threat.

CV Risk – a global security company owned and run by former counter-terrorism and military elites – say their training courses are the first of their kind in the UK and provide the knowledge and skills for ordinary people to take back control in a terrorist attack, helping to save their own, and others’ lives.

The London based company’s scenario-based training courses aim to dispel fear through knowledge. They take the current UK government NaCTSO guidelines on what to do during an attack “run, hide, tell” a stage further.
Taught by former UK Special Forces and Royal Marines Commandos, all of whom who have worked in hostile environments across the World, the CV Risk terrorism awareness courses also equip people with defensive tactics, should they find themselves with no way out of a terrorist attack.

Three bespoke courses are on offer. They cover terrorist psychology, weapon familiarisation, escape planning, how to act in a hostage situation and survival techniques as well as first aid and gunshot wound treatment. An advanced course, which includes contingency planning and business continuity, is also available for executive management.

Former Royal Marines Officer Russ Armstrong is the Founder and MD of CV Risk. He explains: “The possibility of a terrorist attack is remote, but so is an office fire and we still practice fire drills. Terrorism is now one of the standard risks of working in an urban centre, and must be acknowledged and managed by business owners. As with other emergencies, doing nothing and hoping for the best doesn’t work.”

He added: “The most influential weapon a terrorist has is the fear created before, during and after an attack. Our biggest issue as a society when it comes to this matter is lack of knowledge. Our courses address this by educating ordinary people on what can happen and what they should do at every stage. Participants are desensitised to frightening scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, helping them to react in a decisive and appropriate way. Acting quickly in the critical stages at the start of an attack, and working together with your colleagues, gives you the greatest chance of survival – and reduces the terrorists’ success.”

Courses start at £300 per person and are ideal for incorporation into standard Health & Safety training procedures for any organisation, alongside fire drills, emergency protocols and business continuity training. The practical course also has excellent potential for team-building exercises, based on situations where working together is vital to survival.

The basic course (B-TAC) is a half-day conference-style course, based at the participants’ own offices. It studies survival techniques in different scenarios, including situational awareness (what to look out for and how to plan your escape); weapon familiarisation; how to behave in a hostage situation; and first aid & gunshot wound treatment.

The practical course (P-TAC) builds on this theoretical knowledge with physical demonstrations and training. It’s not an unarmed combat course but teaches how to react decisively if you can’t run or hide.

The advanced course (A-TAP), for senior management and executives, provides a strategic understanding of terrorist methodology, and advice on contingency planning and business continuity. It aims to reduce the risk of an attack and deal with the consequences should one occur.

For further information see our website or contact or call 0203 696 4180.

About CV Risk
CV Risk is a wholly owned subsidiary of Castor Vali which is a UK-based global security and risk management company with regional offices in East, West and South Africa. We specialise in providing corporate security, international protective services, and training and development for national security forces in emerging and high risk markets. Our ex-military and commercial security specialists include former UK Special Forces and Royal Marine Commandos. We have extensive experience and understanding of the risks in remote and hostile environments, and provide a dedicated, client-focused service.

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