In the course of our contracts, Castor Vali has encountered and effectively managed various stowaway situations, where our expertise played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of the crew and addressing the challenges associated with stowaways. Acknowledging that prevention is an effective security measure, Castor Vali offers an extensive range of services designed to proactively manage and mitigate the risks associated with stowaways. Our typical comprehensive stowaway search services include a dedicated team comprising:

  • Two sniffer dogs, expertly handled by a skilled professional.  
  • Five highly trained and experienced search personnel.  
  • Issuance of security tags and certification upon the successful completion of the search process.  

In the event of a stowaway being identified, Castor Vali facilitates a seamless handover to local authorities, such as the Marine Police or Port Immigration, ensuring strict adherence to legal and procedural protocols. Going beyond the core stowaway search services, Castor Vali Operations provides invaluable support with a commitment to comprehensive security solutions, including:   

  • 24/7 operational support to address any emerging issues promptly and effectively. 
  • Continuous tracking and monitoring facilitated. 
  • Expert advice on precautionary measures to be undertaken while at anchor and during alongside operations, enhancing overall security protocols.  

Castor Vali’s dedication extends beyond reactive measures; we actively work towards preventing incidents, safeguarding the crew, and ensuring the seamless operation of vessels under our care. Trust Castor Vali to deliver tailor-made security solutions that align with your specific needs and prioritise the safety and security of your crew and assets. 

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