In today’s volatile environment, the capability to effectively manage emergencies and crises is paramount for any organisation. Castor Vali has created an advanced online programme designed to improve your teams’ response to potential emergencies and crises that could impact personnel, facilities, and the integrity of your operations.

Our Emergency and Crisis Management online training programme is aligned with ISO 22320 and BSI 17091 standards, ensuring adherence to international best practices in emergency and crisis management. With over 30 human-made and natural disaster scenarios to choose from, we offer two tiers of training, catering to both local incident management teams (LIMT) and crisis management leadership teams (CMLT).

Emergency Management Programme: This programme focuses on LIMT and provides a platform to evaluate and enhance an organisations readiness against a diverse range of threats. It concentrates on tactical and operational decision-making, promoting seamless interaction with the CMLT, typically responsible for strategic responses.

Crisis Management Programme: Aimed at CMLT, this tier explores the transition from operational to strategic crisis management and executive decision-making. It includes detailed role-playing instructions, adding a layer of realism to the scenarios, and facilitating a more robust learning experience.

What’s Included?

  • A choice of language for the emergency programme annually.
  • Two new emergency and crisis scenarios per year.
  • Updated templates, guidelines, and software enhancements.
  • Comprehensive video tutorials for planning, conducting, and participating in exercises.
  • Opportunity to self-certify your teams, with additional scenarios shared by other organisations available at no extra cost.

Master Instructor Programme: This option enables participants to become qualified facilitators, capable of conducting emergency and crisis training and certifying in-house facilitators through a detailed 2 or 3-day programme.

Shared Resources: Participants will gain access to a rich repository of resources, including:

  • A bespoke web portal for content access.
  • A library of scenarios, debrief guides, and news clips.
  • Tools for creating realistic social media and newspaper templates.
  • After-Action-Review templates and facilitator “Cheat Sheets”.
  • Video tutorials for running scenarios and role-playing.

Training Options:

  • Direct training to qualify your facilitators.
  • A Master Instructor programme to self-train and certify your facilitators.

Castor Vali’s Emergency and Crisis Management Programme is not just a training solution—it’s an investment in organisational resilience. Whether you opt to qualify your facilitators or choose to empower your teams with the Master Instructor programme, you are equipping your organisation with the expertise to manage unforeseen challenges effectively.

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