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Castor Vali produce two maritime intelligence reports:

Flash Reports

As part of our commitment to seafarer safety, these are free to all users and can be viewed on this page or sent to you direct via email when you sign up here.

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Weekly Maritime Piracy Reports

The Weekly Maritime Piracy Report is a tailored, land and maritime report, accompanied by incisive analysis of recent events and regional trends. The report enables an in-depth understanding of risk and impact as well as informing the decision making process.

This service is available for a small monthly fee. To welcome you to Castor Vali, we are providing a no obligation two-week trial. Find out more information and sign up here:

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Flash Reports

Our 24/7 monitoring of global events provides immediate flash reporting for both Land and Maritime environments. Keeping clients informed on new events in their areas of interest. Please contact us if you wish to subscribe to this service.

CV1098 – Maritime Flash – Santana Port, Brazil

Castor Vali flash report regarding the robbery incident on a bulk carrier whilst berthed at Santana Port

CV1097 – Maritime Flash – Banana Anchorage, Congo

Castor Vali flash report regarding a robbery incident, on a refrigerated cargo vessel whilst anchored at Banana Anchorage.

CV1096 – Maritime Flash – Gulf of Aden

Castor Vali flash report regarding a general alert at the Gulf of Aden.

CV1095 – Maritime Flash – Arabian Sea

Castor Vali flash report regarding a missile live firing practice at the Arabian Sea.

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