Executive protection, also known as close protection, is a specialised security service dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of individuals, particularly high-profile executives, dignitaries, or VIPs, especially when travelling in high-risk environments. Our service provides a security umbrella tailored to the unique challenges of each location, taking into account local threats, cultural specifics, and regulations. This personalised approach not only secures but also empowers clients with confidence, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities with peace of mind.

Castor Vali’s executive protection services begin with an in-depth risk assessment, evaluating the client’s routines and risk exposure to identify potential threats. The core of the service is a highly trained personal security detail responsible for the client’s continuous safety, whilst ensuring privacy and discretion. Secure transportation is a crucial feature, involving armoured vehicles (where appropriate), skilled drivers, and meticulously planned routes. Access control is strictly managed, while emergency response tactics are in place for prompt action in various critical situations, including medical incidents and security breaches.

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