Offshore and Maritime Security
Steve Gilchrist – Chief Commercial Officer

Castor Vali is a leading security supplier in offshore energy and maritime sectors, with extensive experience supporting global projects with a particular focus on challenging landscapes.

In today’s dynamic offshore and maritime security landscape, Castor Vali stands out as a foremost authority, consistently delivering successful and innovative security solutions. Since its inception, Castor Vali has been at the forefront, leveraging a global footprint, strategic partnerships, and competitive pricing to provide professional support globally, addressing the evolving security challenges across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Our teams, comprised of industry professionals, deliver high-standard services, leveraging operational knowledge for excellence and added value. When contracting with Castor Vali, our clients are able to maintain their focus on core deliverables while we handle security and risk management services, offering commitment beyond service delivery throughout the entire project process. 

Offshore Energy Sector Security


Maritime Security


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