We are delighted to announce that Castor Vali has been awarded the TGS 2023 Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Excellence Award. This annual award programme, initiated by TGS, aims to elevate QHSE awareness, endorse a strong safety culture, and spotlight the outstanding efforts of contractors and service providers.

Project Overview: Crucial Contributions to the Awele 3D Geophysical Survey

Castor Vali played a crucial role in the safe execution of TGS’ Awele 3D geophysical survey. Conducted offshore in Nigerian waters from June 2023 to February 2024, our team provided comprehensive security solutions, including onshore and offshore intelligence, crew orientations, vessel hardening, and continuous onboard security monitoring. Collaborations with the Nigerian Navy ensured compliance with international laws and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR).

Case Study Highlight: Innovation in Deep-Water Seismic Operations

In October 2023, we published a detailed case study that describes our bespoke support strategies for deep-water seismic operations. This report highlights how our proactive risk management and innovative solutions contribute to safer and more efficient operations in challenging maritime environments. These insights not only enhanced our operational framework but also reinforced our leadership in security and risk management in offshore projects. For an in-depth look at our approach and the challenges we overcame, visit our case study here.

Steve Gilchrist accepting the award from Laura Arti – VP Operations Support and Delivery (TGS)

Recognition and Reflection

In the recognition letter, Gabriel Rolland Vice President – Corporate QHSE at TGS congratulated and thanked the Castor Vali team for ensuring that all field personnel involved in acquiring the survey had a safe and successful trip in a part of the world that presents many security challenges. “Castor Vali did a commendable job promoting and managing Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) aspects, particularly during an incident that involved one of the support vessels getting caught in the seismic vessel’s in-sea equipment. Lastly, it was clear that Castor Vali embraced TGS’ OneTeam culture, which we believe is a critical component to conducting our operations safely and effectively.”

A Message from our Chief Commercial Officer, Steve Gilchrist

“This award not only underscores our commitment but also stands as a testament to the collective spirit and professionalism of every team member at Castor Vali. It reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding project management services under complex and challenging circumstances. We extend our thanks to the TGS team for this recognition, proud that our extensive experience and networks enable us to deliver exceptional value on complex projects.”

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