Security Information Services
Keri Leicher – Head of Security Information Services

In our interconnected world, a nuanced understanding of political and security risks is imperative. Decisions made in these domains have a direct bearing on the stability of nations and exert a profound impact on businesses, investments, and global economies. As the global stage continues to evolve, organisations find themselves compelled to adeptly navigate a spectrum of geopolitical and security challenges, encompassing conflict, piracy, banditry, civil unrest, and political violence, among other threats. Recognising the paramount significance of political and security risk is not merely a strategic consideration; it is indispensable for achieving sustained success in our ever-changing geopolitical landscape. 

At Castor Vali, our Security Information Service (SIS) stands as a dynamic team of seasoned risk analysts strategically stationed across our Group entities. Our team is further fortified by a network of global consultants. Together, these experts vigilantly monitor and predict threats on a global scale, providing our clients with comprehensive coverage to navigate the intricacies of this complex landscape with confidence.

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