Castor Vali offer comprehensive security training courses and programmes to arm clients with the ability to navigate and mitigate diverse security risks effectively. Our vast curriculum spans critical safety and security domains, including crisis management, travel risk awareness, and emergency protocols. Our most popular courses include:

  • Leadership Resilience, Business Continuity
  • Staff Safety, Security & Cultural Awareness
  • Active Shooter
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Counter Terrorism Courses
  • Safe Driver Training.

Customised to each client’s unique requirements, our programs deliver a practical and actionable learning experience. Leveraging the expertise of experienced instructors and subject matter experts, we facilitate dynamic training that boosts participants’ ability to safeguard their interests proactively. Delivered via various platforms, from in-person workshops to e-learning modules, our training adheres to the highest industry benchmarks, ensuring clients are well-prepared for real-world security challenges.

Online Internationally Accredited Digital Training Library


HEAT, Active Shooter and Security Awareness Programs


Host Nation Forces Liaison


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