Our goal is simple: to safeguard our clients, enabling them to focus on their objectives amidst unfamiliar and often challenging environments.

The Rising Threat: Kidnapping Statistics from Nigeria

A recent Nigeria Deep Dive, ‘Analysis of Kidnapping Trends in Early 2024’, produced by Castor Vali’s Security Information Service, highlights that approximately 1,700 kidnappings took place between 1 January 2024 and 18 March 2024, predominantly in the North West and North Central regions. These kidnappings, often perpetrated by so-called bandit groups, reveal a hybrid criminal threat—actors adopting tactics typically associated with warfare or terrorism. Furthermore, a noticeable increase in kidnappings in the southern regions highlights the emergence of new, albeit less equipped, criminal factions that pose significant threats to public safety, economic stability, and business operations.

Africa’s economic potential is vast, yet it is shadowed by security threats that underscore the need for enhanced safety measures for both personnel and assets. Despite the lure of untapped opportunities, direct engagement remains essential to navigate the region’s complexities. While digital solutions provide convenience, they cannot replace the invaluable on-the-ground insights necessary when considering significant investments. The best security providers use technology in concert with physical services to provide holistic and effective client solutions.

Expertise in Secure Transportation and Personal Protection

To help mitigate these threats Castor Vali specialises in securing transportation for V/VIP clients and high-net-worth individuals across Africa’s challenging environments. Our team of close protection officers and trained drivers ensure clients’ safety throughout their journey, supported by proactive emergency evacuation plans, protecting your people, assets and reputation.

Journey Management Security Solutions

Enhanced Security Measures and Client-Centric Services

Beyond ensuring transportation, we recommend approved accommodations, provide essential amenities, and equip vehicles with emergency supplies and Wi-Fi to enable our clients to work seamlessly on the move. Our TrackAssist App keeps clients informed of security updates in real-time, enhancing their peace of mind, whilst ensuring corporate duty of care.

From pre-travel briefings to on-the-ground airport protocol assistance, Castor Vali delivers an end-to-end Secure Journey Management experience.

More Information

The team at Castor Vali is committed to working with you to meet all your journey management needs across Africa to ensure the smooth operation of your business. To find out more about our services: email us at info@castorvali.com.

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