Capture opportunities and foster business resilience with Castor Vali’s Africa Risk Monitoring products,

In Africa, intelligence monitoring is essential for navigating the dynamic socio-political and economic landscape. It plays a pivotal role in anticipating and mitigating risks, enabling informed decision-making for governments, businesses, and organizations, ensuring resilience in the face of multifaceted challenges.

To assist our clients in staying informed of key developments in African markets and anticipating risks, we offer subscription packages for all countries in Africa. While levels of reporting vary across regions, these subscriptions entail access to the following types of products:

  • Daily Briefs rounding up the major political, security and economic events from the day before. These are delivered each weekday morning.
  • Alerts to major events on an ongoing basis. Alerts are first sent as an SMS/Whatsapp and are followed by a more comprehensive email with further details of the event, analysis, advice and a map (available for select countries).
  • Weekly Reports detailing the key security, political and socio-economic events from the week prior. Extensive graphics and maps are also provided of security events such as conflict, terrorism and civil unrest (available for select countries).
  • Monthly Reports providing a high-level report of the month prior with short to medium term risk ratings. 
  • Deep Dives into trending issues as and when they arise in a country.

View the complete list of reporting products available per country below:

Africa SIS Subscription Packages by country

We encourage our clients to test our services and offer free trials to interested clients at any time. 

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Castor Vali is continuously developing and evolving our product and service offerings, which are driven by client demand. Should you require a different level of reporting than is currently offered, we can tailor reports to fit your needs at a nominal additional cost. For more information, use the contact form below or email us at

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