On January 3, 2024, Castor Vali’s Security Information team reported the kidnapping of the Tuvalu-flagged tanker HANA, approximately 46 nautical miles southwest of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. This incident was quickly communicated through a Flash Report – 03 Jan 2024 – Kidnapping to all deployed Castor Vali teams operating in the vicinity and the broader region, including those providing support for an ongoing drilling campaign within Equatorial Guinea waters.

Securing a Drill Rig Operation: Pre-Deployment Strategies

In late 2023, Castor Vali secured a contract to assist our client, a drill rig operator, in preparing for a prolonged campaign in Equatorial Guinea. The mobilisation also involved navigating the rig through the wider Gulf of Guinea waters for its first project in a high-risk area in many years.

Recognising the critical importance of stakeholders’ understanding of the operating environment, Castor Vali provided proactive support with a comprehensive risk assessment conducted in conjunction with a physical rig hardening vulnerability assessment while the rig was still in the North Sea. Mitigation measures were thoroughly discussed and agreed upon, and the deployment was coordinated with the support of our specialist Maritime Security Officer.

The Crucial Role of a Maritime Security Officer

The Castor Vali Maritime Security Officer played a crucial role by providing key support onboard during mobilisation and remaining project phases. Our seasoned Maritime Security Officer served as the focal point for all security matters, including training, oversight, liaison with security vessel assets, maintaining a dedicated anti-piracy watch, and ensuring the security and hardening of the rig following the tailored security plan.

Onshore Reconnaissance and Logistics: Ensuring Safe Operations

Additionally, Castor Vali assisted the client in their initial reconnaissance visit onshore. Our Corporate Security Department facilitated this visit by offering comprehensive journey management planning and personnel tracking through our TrackAssist platform. This meticulous planning ensured that all logistics moves were pre-planned and well-executed.

Castor Vali’s Security Information Department provided information support throughout the mobilisation, and initial reconnaissance phase, as well as all remaining onshore and offshore operations. Land and maritime intelligence alerts, along with weekly reporting, were delivered to keep relevant stakeholders abreast of the threat levels and incidents in the region. Intelligence, as provided by our Security Information Department, plays a pivotal role in planning and responding to changes in the operating environment, ultimately contributing to the success and safety of the campaign.

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