Castor Vali Group is pleased to announce the launch of our Integrated Travel Risk Management and Intelligence platform – ‘TrackAssist’. This innovative solution enhances our travel management services with an integrated travel risk management and intelligence platform that fills the gap in quality Security Information provision globally, particularly in Africa, and offers a robust global tracking platform for our international clients.

A Collaborative Effort with Safeture

In developing this platform ‘the partnership between Castor Vali Group and Safeture is of the utmost importance as it combines our strengths and expertise to address a critical need in the market.’ Says Steve Grant, Castor Vali’s Chief Executive Officer. ‘This technical partnership allows us to deliver comprehensive end-to-end travel risk management, assistance and other security services, empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of today’s global landscape with confidence.’

Andrew Moore, Head of Strategic Partnerships, at Safeture adds, “Working with the professional team at Castor Vali Group has been a pleasure. This partnership will significantly strengthen the offering for both Safeture and Castor Vali Group globally”.

Enhancing Travel Management Services with TrackAssist

Through TrackAssist, the integration of travel risk management and intelligence into our travel management services not only improves global tracking capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to securing our client’s personnel and assets. It allows us to provide comprehensive end-to-end travel risk management and assistance, alongside other vital security services including our journey management services.

TrackAssist: A Global Travel Management Tool

TrackAssist is now a truly global travel management tool, supporting all types of travel. It offers full visibility and duty of care for our clients’ employees and assets worldwide, allowing security managers, HR managers, and others, to access critical information on their employee’s travel. At Castor Vali, we believe effective employee safety and well-being are delivered through three key pillars: Communication, Information, and Location.

  • Communication: TrackAssist ensures effective communication with all employees, no matter their location around the globe. The platform facilitates two-way communication, allowing managers to swiftly and efficiently relay crucial information to employees. In turn, employees can easily confirm their well-being and provide feedback, queries, or comments.
  • Information: The platform is designed to effortlessly integrate into your existing operational infrastructure, ensuring harmony with HR platforms, Travel Management Companies, and third-party content. This integration promotes a streamlined workflow, facilitating the provision of relevant information about incidents and offering advice on appropriate actions. Business travellers receive swift updates on any incidents, changes to travel plans, or delays, directly on their mobile phones, ensuring they are always informed and prepared.
  • Location: TrackAssist provides the precise location of an individual employee or a group of employees within a specific area or facility. Real-time alerts are delivered directly to employees, based on their exact location, ensuring that they receive only the most relevant information.

Discover the Future of Travel Safety with TrackAssist

Castor Vali Group are dedicated to providing solutions that expertly guide our clients from the onset of an incident to confirmed safety while adhering to ethical and legal standards. We believe these key drivers will enhance and improve oversight of any organisation while incorporating your current travel management system.

More Information

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of what TrackAssist can do, we invite you to examine our detailed brochure. We welcome any request to demonstrate our platform in greater detail to explore how TrackAssist can integrate into your travel management processes, enabling informed decisions and proactive communication strategies, email us: or send your enquiry using the below form.

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