Vessel Hardening Vulnerability Assessments

Castor Vali provides vessel hardening vulnerability assessments before our client’s vessels enter high-risk waters. These assessments form a crucial part of the vessels’ readiness to work offshore.

A vessel hardening vulnerability assessment is an integral part of vessel safety. In waters where an armed solution isn’t possible or isn’t assessed as necessary, vessel hardening becomes the first line of defence in the event of an attack. The vessel needs to be ready and capable to lockdown and provide an appropriate response to an aggressor while outside support is mobilised.

A well-hardened vessel and trained crew will deter and delay any assailant. Castor Vali has many years of experience in hardening all types and classes of vessels. With our ability to liaise with vessels worldwide, we conduct a detailed study of any previous fabrications, the vessel specification and general arrangement before a physical visit. We follow best management practices as a guideline together with our significant industry experience to take a pragmatic approach to vessel hardening, with specific consideration concerning the vessel arrangement, working nature, health and safety and the operating environment. In collaboration with our client’s management, master and crew, we deliver a detailed vessel vulnerability hardening report, listing all recommendations and providing fabrication examples.


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