Castor Vali has been successfully supporting several clients who have a permanent requirement for travel and journey management services throughout Nigeria. Castor Vali Services Nigeria (CVSN) has a Regional Operations Centre in Lagos and a dedicated travel manager that carefully manages client movements from the point of arrival to the point of departure. This includes daily support to residences, places of work and site visits. We supported clients in main cities and remote townships across Nigeria.  

How We Support Clients

The journey management delivery starts with understanding the client’s needs once in-country, the specifics of their journey and key details such as the composition of their team and how well-travelled they are all form part of our process in order to understand their risk. We compile a detailed journey management plan and support the client with all the information they need to ensure that from the moment of entering the country they feel safe and well supported. On arrival, our physical delivery starts with meet and greet services at the airport, which helps us get through the bustling and sometimes overwhelming airports. Thereafter, our security coordinators take control and follow the journey management plan, they move the client to the end destination often utilising armed escorts where needed and always carefully planned and executed using our extensive local intelligence network. Our in-country teams are critical to this delivery, they are trained and well briefed, responsible for maintaining our high standards for the vehicles we utilise on all tasks ensuring they are well maintained, constantly checked, and confirmed fit for the task. Throughout any task we keep all parties up to date on local activity and intelligence with support from our Security Information Services department, this ensures all the decisions we make are intelligence-led. 

travel and journey management

Our Capability 

Castor Vali is a longstanding, reliable, travel and journey management security provider in Nigeria. Our capability extends across Africa, frequently supporting our clients’ movements across the continent. 

Now that travel has once again become more achievable, Castor Vali has returned to supporting travellers to countries which require our support. Our expertise and detailed risk-based approach ensure that clients are carefully managed through all stages of their travel.

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