During this current era of travel restrictions, and uncertainty, brought on by the pandemic it has become difficult for organisations to deploy, and carry out work within hard to reach, and remote locations. Castor Vali’s has been busy supporting our clients with our in-depth knowledge of Africa, the geographical positioning of Castor Vali offices, and with our personnel. Our support transcends that of our core risk management services and utilises our diverse experience and reach within high risk and complex locations. 

We have been able to facilitate, assist, and deploy teams of highly experienced personnel, at short notice, allowing our clients to continue operations and achieving project cost efficiencies.

Objective: Ascertain the Viability of Laying Fibre Optic Cabling

Using our versatility, and expertise, Castor Vali were able to assist our client with a large, ongoing telecommunications programme, involving multiple vendors, and local authorities. The work includes travel to remote locations throughout East and West Africa, to carry out subterranean beach surveys. The goal is to ascertain the viability of laying fibre optic cabling in each of the specific locations, then generate a comprehensive report, laying out findings and recommendations.

Deploying our Local Expert Teams

These beach surveys require a knowledge of the local environment, close coordination with local authorities and the use of specialised equipment; Castor Vali possess this careful balance of abilities. We have been able to deploy our experienced, local teams with ease; providing the client with a comprehensive, and accurate report of the findings. 

Value Added Threat Assessments

Concurrently, through our robust Security Information Services (SIS); we were able to supply the client with additional value, by assessing the threat levels in the key areas of operations. This is to enable the client to make accurate, risk-based decisions for future work. 

More Information

You can find out more about our range of Security Information Services here or contact us for more information at info@castorvali.com.  

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