After several successful security risk assessments for other commercial clients in the UK, Castor Vali were approached by a leading UK University to conduct a Security Risk Assessment of their entire site, covering not only the physical and technical, but also the operational and human aspects of the organisation. The University consists of over 20 separate buildings and extensive grounds, with multiple departments all of which have individual needs and requirements when it comes to security. The site has several areas with priceless or extremely rare artefacts and paintings including extensive libraries and archives, during their peak periods upwards of two thousand people can be on the site which includes members of the public. The organisation wanted to strengthen their security position and build a solution for the future. 

university security risk assessment

Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis 

Castor Vali produced an extensive Security Risk Assessment which included vulnerability assessments of all buildings giving practical and technical recommendations which incorporated new technology to enhance security. Vulnerability analysis of the human and operational aspects of the organisation was also conducted providing context from those aspects and where operational and human failings can impact security. This was accomplished by spending time on-site inspecting the physical security, conducting face to face interviews and audits of current procedures to fully understand the way the University operated and establish a context and scope. 

Synergising Security Functions

The result was a detailed and comprehensive Security Risk Assessment that provided the client with recommendations across their organisation designed to synergise the security function with all parts of the entire enterprise. 

Extensive Security Risk Assessments in the UK and Globally

With a global and UK footprint, Castor Vali is well positioned with the right expertise to carry out extensive security risk assessments or vulnerability assessments on physical assets and have done so with a variety of clients and their assets.

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