Castor Vali employs the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) methodology to our Africa Security Training programes, this approach incorporates evaluation through a focused course curriculum specifically developed to meet a specific need, expectation and audience. It is a proven method of training developed by security professionals and is becoming the best practice for world-leading training programmes and initiatives to provide learning transformation and lasting change.

Throughout late 2021 and the early stages of 2022, Castor Vali have been supporting our clients, across the African continent with an array of training initiatives, to support their business endeavours. Through our ever-expanding market footprint, we are able to support multiple sectors in various geographical locations. 

With the continued uncertainty around the ongoing pandemic, Castor Vali has developed various course delivery methods, to suit an ever-changing and unpredictable landscape. Our courses are all tailored to meet client needs whilst addressing current threats. 

Africa Security Training Courses

HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Castor Vali have recently delivered HEAT training to clients across Kenya, Niger and Burkina Faso. Looking forward, we already have further course bookings for HEAT in Uganda, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. 

E-Learning – Advanced Security Awareness 

Castor Vali’s e-learning portal provides customers with an interactive, self-paced programme, that allows participants to develop their security knowledge and skillset, in and around their busy work and personal lives. Our courses are focused on key topics such as Surveillance, Journey Management Planning, Incident Management, Kidnapping and Survival techniques. 

Africa Security Training

Online Virtual Seminars – Personal Security Awareness

Our online courses are designed and delivered at a time when physical interaction has been limited. Our personalised, interactive classes allow for continued training and corporate mitigation measures, during unprecedented times. Our sessions range from 1-3 days, subject to course topic and class size. 

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