We at Castor Vali Mozambique are greatly encouraged by the reported gradual resumption of LNG works in July 2023 by Saipem in northern Mozambique. Total Energies and Saipem are actively recruiting and many of the embedded subcontractors have resumed activities; these key indicators suggest that we shall be seeing some regain of operational momentum in the coming months. The two-year hiatus has been a precarious and frustrating chapter for Mozambique’s LNG project, its supporting contractors, and Mozambique as a country. With the support of the Mozambique Government and the ongoing commitment of the SADC forces to stabilise the region, it is hoped the commercial landscape will have the space and freedom of movement to resume its operations.

During this period, Castor Vali has continued to support many of its commercial, government and NGO clients through this extremely challenging period through its Security Information Services (SIS). This service has enabled intelligence-led strategic decisions, ensuring operational continuity and the safety of in-country personnel. SIS continues to develop and enhance its ground source information network to remain at the forefront of Mozambique reporting.

Beyond Mozambique, the remaining nine companies within the Castor Vali Group are focused on our full spectrum of security and risk management services in support of international and local clients operating in complex environments, either on or offshore. With oversight provided by our three 24/7 operations centres, our dynamic multinational team of industry professionals provide access to Maritime Security Services, Journey Management Solutions, Security and Advisory Expertise, Logistical Services, Training, Investigations and Forensic Audits.

Castor Vali will be attending the UK Mozambique Business Forum on 05 May 2023 in Maputo. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please contact: ed.jarvis@castorvali.com

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