Castor Vali has worked with many organisations that have identified a need for a dedicated embedded security manager or advisor. Finding the right candidate with the experience and skills that fit your organisation and the areas in which you operate can be a challenge. Castor Vali can assist. Through our networks, we have access to a range of high quality experienced and trained candidates who, even at short notice, are available to fill full-time positions or project-focused roles. 

Our team has unrivalled expertise in providing security frameworks, policies, standard operating procedures, security plans and threat assessments to businesses across Africa. Once an organisation has these policies and procedures in place it can become clear that the expertise and experience of a dedicated member of your team is required to ensure that focus on security is maintained and adhered to. 

Why Choose an Embedded Security Manager

  1. Enhanced security: When Castor Vali, recommends a security manager we have vetted them ensure they understand the latest and most effective security measures for your sector and area of operation. 
  2. Compliance: Our embedded security managers are aware of and can factor into your security measures local requirements and relevant industry standards, for example, legislation or community engagement. 
  3. Access to a network. As an employee of Castor Vali, each of our embedded security managers has access to a wider network of expertise from the Castor Vali Group to call on when needed.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Castor Vali can take the pain out of the search for the right individual. This can save on multiple attempts at recruitment and also operational costs associated with having an individual in a role who doesn’t have the requisite knowledge and experience.
  5. Flexibility: Castor Vali can offer you the flexibility to meet your specific security needs by tailoring our solution to your requirements. We are also responsive and can adjust the package to evolve with your business over time.
  6. Simplified Management: Our embedded security managers provide a central point for managing security. This reduces the complexity of managing security across different divisions and individuals, preventing issues from being overlooked. 
  7. Expertise: When you work with an embedded security manager from Castor Vali, you will benefit from their years of experience and expertise in keeping organisations safe and secure.

More Information

Whatever your industry and wherever you operate in Africa Castor Vali can help. We pride ourselves on providing tailored security solutions to the highest standards. Our embedded security managers will look after all your security needs so you can focus on your core business. Contact us today for more information

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