Over the past quarter, Castor Vali has seen a significant uplift in the support to our Energy clients mobilising rigs and vessels globally.

Mobilising Rigs and Vessels in the Energy Sector

Mobilising drilling platforms, jack-up rigs and other under-tow vessels through multiple territories can be challenging, with the prevailing risk profile of each territory. The first step is to understand the current risks and to appreciate the mitigation available within the relevant territories, whilst recognising local capacity, and lawful engagement.

With well over a decade of experience in operating and supporting our clients within the Gulf of Guinea, Castor Vali continues to support our clients to navigate the planning phases and provide physical support with a security solution that is measured, considered and operationally capable to be delivered without delay or negative client exposure to the risks.

Rig Tow

Rig Tows

In the first quarter of this year, Castor Vali has been engaged on multiple rig tow tasks through the sovereign waters of different countries where the requirements for security support vary significantly. As with any project, the primary task is to understand the risk, this process is championed by our in-house Security Information Services department, which provides a detailed risk assessment, tailored to the project parameters. With the risks identified and mitigation measures agreed upon, Castor Vali worked in consultation with our client(s) to draft the security plan, this plan includes protocols and procedures for all vessels during the tow phases. The risk assessment and security plan identified the need to conduct onboard rig and vessel hardening vulnerability assessments of the rig and tow vessels. Assessments were conducted and the findings and recommendations were presented.

Castor Vali embarked our Maritime Security Officer consultants to support the hardening fabrications and assisted the OIM / Master with the crew training and lockdown drills. When required, and could be lawfully arranged, our Regional Operations Centre in Nigeria coordinated the seamless support of the Security Escort Vessels to rendezvous with the tow in order to provide an armed escort. This included the timely handover from the security vessel to the other security vessel in neighbouring countries. All project stages are tracked, monitored, and coordinated by the Regional Operations Centre and assisted by the Castor Vali Maritime Security Officers onboard.

Castor Vali understands all the phases of the exploration and has the experience in supporting our client’s step by step, with intelligence lead security services.

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