The British Chamber of Commerce Kenya (BCCK), recently announced the 2022 list of BCCK Business Integrity Index Companies. The index listing is a public demonstration of Castor Vali’s commitment to integrity. BCCK ‘index companies understand integrity is not just a legal requirement – it is part of their DNA.’

The Business Integrity Initiative was launched in 2019 and the Integrity Index in 2020. Since then the program has helped build constructive dialogue on the Kenyan Government’s reform agenda, maintained positive conversations around doing business in Kenya, and the BCCK Integrity portal has provided access to practical integrity resources. 

business integrity index

One of the aims of the index from 2023 onwards is to support the Kenyan Government’s aims of growing foreign direct investment and building confidence in BCCK-registered businesses and agencies. 

Farida Abbas, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce Kenya, states “Despite the headlines, there are many businesses in Kenya that are operating with integrity. They have made a conscious and often tough decision not to engage in corruption and bribery. The Integrity Index gives organisations and BCCK members a chance to appreciate their local partners and suppliers.” 

To be listed in the Integrity Index Castor Vali has been externally assessed across the following areas:

  • track record of working with UK and international companies,
  • regulatory compliance, 
  • implementation of rules-based policies covering bribery, embezzlement, corruption and money laundering. 

Lawrence Clinton, our Chief Operating Officer, says, ‘Castor Vali is proud to be listed in the BCCK Integrity Index again this year. Compliance and business ethics underpin everything that we do and each member of our team understands their responsibility to act in accordance with our strategic vision as we engage with clients, suppliers and local communities on critical issues such as human rights, anti-bribery, health, safety and the environment. It is a credit to our team that these efforts have been recognised by BCCK.’

The listing in the Integrity Index is in addition to Castor Vali’s other long-standing compliance activities. You can find out more here

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