Castor Vali recently supported a client using our detailed knowledge of a prospective survey location, providing an insight into the likely fishing activity levels. Our offshore Côte d’Ivoire knowledge and experience of the nearshore prospective oil field location allowed our client to plan accordingly during both the commercial and operation phases.

chase vessel

Objective: Infield Fishery Coordination

Castor Vali went on to support the survey with a dedicated chase vessel, mobilised from Nigeria and with French and English-speaking fishery coordinators onboard the client and chase vessels. This model allowed the client vessel to focus on production, with the benefit of full visibility of fishing activity ahead that might cause destruction, damage or downtime. Any obstructions were cleared ahead of the survey vessels arrival, keeping the sail line clear and towed gear free from entanglements, and reducing the potential of collision. Thus, allowing our client to operate free from the obstructions and delays sometimes caused by fishing activity.

Deploying on Time

Whilst the service and support provided are not new to Castor Vali, the project was mobilised under a tight timeline and confirmed during the Christmas holiday period. Our vast network allowed for the quick procurement of all assists and the timely arrangement to facilitate, assist and deploy our team of highly experienced personnel at very short notice. This resulted in production starting on time with the full infield fishery support in place.

Vessel Chartering and Project Support

Castor Vali has supported upstream and Energy Sector projects in all Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean waters. We provide our clients with knowledge and experience when planning operations and have the proven capability to support the true end-to-end requirements with project logistics as well as our full spectrum of risk management services.

More Information

Castor Vali supplies security vessels with the certification, maintenance, endurance and classification to support both long and short-term projects. Vessel selection is vital to the effectiveness of the security plan and Castor Vali has the experience and capability to accurately identify vessels suitable for the scope of work. For more information please feel free to contact us at: or call +254 (0) 711 105 879

chase vessel

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