Advanced Security Awareness Course is a new addition to Castor Vali’s core corporate, energy sector and maritime security service offering. Castor Vali has always offered a range of training from terrorism preparedness to advanced driver training and cyber security. Our training packages are tailored to each of our clients to ensure that their personnel are equipped with the appropriate knowledge to enable them to confidently carry out their roles in complex environments.

Why Choose the Advanced Security Awareness Course

Many organisations across Africa operate in challenging environments that require them to manage and continually navigate external threats like terrorism and political unrest. Castor Vali’s country-specific Security Information Service assists organisations to understand the terrorism threats in countries like Mozambique and the moving political dynamics in a country like Kenya. The Advanced Security Awareness Course provides tailored and actionable security advice.

Castor Vali’s Advanced Security Awareness Course enables organisations to access exceptional location and sector security training whilst eliminating the need for travel and reducing the risks of COVID-19 exposure.

An expert partner has been commissioned to provide an online learning portal, as the delivery platform for Castor Vali’s tailored Security Awareness Course.

Security Awareness Course

What to Expect from the Course

The objective of the course is to assist an organisations employees to develop personal security awareness in a range of different environments.

During the course, several key components of personal risk management are covered:

  • Travel Risk Management
  • Surveillance and situational awareness
  • Introduction to kidnapping
  • Kidnapping survival techniques
  • Reaction to an incident

Participants take the course at their own pace, it is recommended that they undertake all modules over one week. However, the full course can be completed in a day where required.

Who Can Access the Advanced Security Awareness Course

The Advanced Security Awareness Course was specifically developed as a value add for our existing clients working in challenging or foreign environments. The course is also available as a standalone product to new clients.

More information

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