Many people do not realise that the shipping industry is critical to maintaining life as we know it. How often do you consider where your food and clothes come from and how these items made it to your home? For example, did you know that approximately 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea?

BIMCO estimate that around 1.7 million seafarers make the delivery of goods to our homes possible every day. “Because of them, and the over 61,000 ships we are served by, we do not run out of what we need.”

Castor Vali’s maritime security services underpin the work of the shipping industry, they ensure that the vessels and their crews are kept safe while they undertake this essential role. The work of the shipping industry recently became much harder because of the direct challenges posed by COVID-19.

Additionally, shipping companies face a rise in piracy attacks. The International MaritimeBureau (IMB) reports a total of 195 incidents of piracy and armed robbery in 2020, an increase of 33 (20%) on the previous year.  This increase may in part be attributable to COVID-19.  Last year we reported that as economic conditions worsen, people may be more likely to turn to piracy to meet their basic needs. 

BIMCO has launched an initiative to raise awareness about the crucial role of shipping and its seafarers. Especially during this pandemic, it is clear that the world would lack many crucial supplies if it were not for the dedicated work of the crews, who are often overlooked in their critical role as key workers.

Castor Vali a Leading Provider of Shipping Industry Security Services

Castor Vali has provided maritime security solutions since 2011 to clients through the Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean High-Risk Areas. We are proud to provide a wide range of maritime services to help maintain ship and crew security at sea. 

Our services include:

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