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Burkina Faso Monthly Security Report Overview

As part of our Burkina Faso Security Reporting service, Castor Vali provides a monthly security report. Each report starts by looking back at the main events over the past month.

The Burkina Faso Security Report covers the following areas in each edition:

  1. month in review,
  2. significant incidents
  3. mapping of terrorism-related events
  4. month in statistics
  5. strategic developments
  6. month in pictures
  7. foreign government travel advice
  8. security advice in the COVID-19 environment

Last months report covered four main stories as part of the month in review:

Tanghin-Dassouri Demonstration

On Wednesday 09 December 2020, Tanghin-Dassouri town residents staged a demonstration in reaction to the killing of a farmer at a police checkpoint. Barricading the main road with debris and burning tyres, causing extensive traffic delays.

Burkina Faso Armed Forces Soldier Killed

On Tuesday 15 December, one Burkina Faso Armed Forces (BFAF) soldier was killed, and four others injured when their military convoy was ambushed by armed men in the Sebba area located in Mansila district, approx. 35km from the Nigerien border. The Al Qaeda-aligned Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM – also known as the Group for Support of Islam and Muslims) later claimed responsibility for the attack by posting photos of the weapons and vehicles reportedly seized during the ambush.

Armed Men Attack Military Patrol

On the night of Wednesday 30 to Thursday 31 December 2020, armed men launched an attack on a military patrol in the Kodiénou area of the Ivory Coast, killing one gendarme. Kodiénou is located close to the border with Burkina Faso, and 5km from the Burkinabe town of Galgouli (Poni Province). The attack was the latest in a series against various border posts between the two countries.

Terrorist Attack Security Alert

On 31 December, the US Embassy in Burkina Faso issued a security alert warning that terrorist groups continue to plan attacks in the country with an increased likelihood of an incident over the New Year’s holiday.

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