Rising threat in the Bay of Campeche

Due to an increase in aggressive attacks on the offshore oil infrastructure in the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico, Castor Vali was again contracted to provide support to our client with an offshore security solution across several of their installations in the area.

Security Services Gulf of Mexico

Rig Hardening Vulnerability Assessments

The initial phase was to provide our client with a gap analysis to highlight any vulnerabilities of their rig assets. Our expert team quickly deployed, spending time on each rig meeting with the heads of departments, reviewing the current measures in place and making immediate recommendations to improve the overall security posture of each rig. A full vulnerability report was produced, formalising our recommendations to ultimately improve the effectiveness of each asset to deter, detect, delay, deny and respond to a developing situation.

Castor Vali Deployment – Coaching and Mentoring

The second phase included the further deployment of Castor Vali specialist personnel in liaison roles with host nation forces who provide a lawfully armed deterrent. Our experienced personnel worked closely with the embarked Mexican Navy in a coaching and mentoring capacity. This unique relationship enables a thorough understanding of Naval operational imperatives whilst enabling a full understanding of client policies and procedures in adherence to international law and industry best practice.

The embarkation of host nation forces can provide unique challenges and opportunities for our clients. Their presence provides a clear mitigation against the threat of piracy, however, having firearms onboard any rig or vessel naturally creates safety concerns that must be well managed. The implementation of Castor Vali’s mature safety protocols which include safe management and stowage of weapon systems countered any concerns.

Our personnel developed a strong working relationship with the Mexican Navy to ensure the Rules of Use of Force and the escalation of force was understood and adopted as best practice. Security drills, which included the reactions of the crew, were conducted. This process developed and sustained a ‘one team’ security culture to the benefit of all parties. Castor Vali implemented the same measures across all client assets with embarked Mexican Navy armed guards whilst preparing other assets for the potential embarkation of host nation forces.

Castor Vali uses experienced ex-forces personnel who have retrained in the commercial offshore environment. This enables our specialist teams to bridge the divide between the military and commercial environments.

Hardening Confirmation

Concurrent with working alongside the Mexican Navy, Castor Vali continued to support our client with the implementation of all hardening recommendations. In some cases, an experienced and pragmatic approach was required to prevent any adverse impact on the working nature of the rig whilst trying to achieve rig security. Through a collaborative approach, all rigs achieved the correct level of hardening, tailored to the local threat.

Continuation Training

Continuation training for all personnel is critical to ensure a thorough understanding of the rig’s lockdown procedure and reinforce the role of each crew member and mitigate skill fade and complacency. A simple mistake, like missing a door or a hatch can jeopardise the integrity of the entire superstructure, allowing any assailant quicker access.

During our time deployed crew changes were also conducted, as such the on-signing crew also went through the training process. Castor Vali disembarked each rig ensuring that all training objectives had been achieved and that teaching materials and aids were in place for the training to continue.

More Information

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