Castor Vali’s Defensive Driver Training courses are designed and delivered by industry professionals who provide the benefit of their broad experience of driver training throughout the world’s most austere and complex environments.

Why Defensive Driver Training is Necessary

“In Nigeria between 2019-2021 there were 106,256 road traffic collisions resulting in 14,773 fatalities.”

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A leading cause of injury and death throughout the African continent is Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs). NGOs and international companies have the duty of care to ensure that the best possible training is afforded to their drivers to mitigate the significant risks associated with road movement, whilst providing the necessary peace of mind to their staff and other passengers.

“The continent suffers from the highest road traffic fatality rate than any other region – despite having less than five per cent of the world’s registered vehicles”.

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Defensive Driver Training

Three-Day Defensive Driver Training Course Overview

Castor Vali offers its clients tailored courses over a three-day period ensuring coverage in the following key areas:

  • Theoretical – Deep dives into the core components of modular driving course
  • Practical – transitioning theory to practical application in real-world environments
  • Course Assessment – continual monitoring and assessment of student development

Depending on the level required, courses can be extended, and training objectives adapted to meet specific client requirements.

Castor Vali’s approach to driver training is to ensure students are exposed to the threats and dangers of operating in high-risk and hazardous environments. We ensure that creative scenarios are provided to challenge students, whilst providing the support, skill, and direction by Castor Vali instructors to enable effective threat mitigation and countermeasure responses.

“The proportion of patients who die before reaching a hospital after a traffic accident in low-income countries is over twice that in high-income countries.”

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Specific training modules are developed and tailored to meet specific client requirements and to match their operating environment. These may include:

  • Vehicle Checks – First Parade and Last Parade
  • Route Selection, Planning and Navigation
  • Situational Awareness
  • Communication (radio protocols) and Tracking Systems
  • Contingency Planning (Emergencies)
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Vehicle Control
  • Defensive Driving
  • Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Skills
  • Checkpoint Protocols
  • Course Assessment

Fully Certified

Students who successfully complete this course will be issued with a Castor Vali ‘Certificate of Achievement – valid for two years.

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