Castor Vali Services Nigeria (CVSN) is pleased to announce the enhancement of our West Africa Regional Operations Centre (ROC). The duty watchkeepers and operations officers will continue to maintain our 24/7 services from our newly renovated and equipped control room in Lagos. 

The CVSN Regional Operations Centre serves as a command-and-control facility, from which all aspects of our security risk management services are controlled, and communications maintained with our clients and supply chain. The facility also serves as the primary crisis management centre, with a live feed and oversight to the UK Operations Centre. 

The updated ROC layout also now includes a combined workspace for our team of security information analysts working alongside our operations team. Our analysts provide businesses operating in West Africa with accurate, verified and timely information to empower their operations in key geographies whilst maintaining awareness of areas of interest. Our range of security information reports are invaluable to our clients, enabling them to make informed business and operational decisions.

Regional Operations Centre

Castor Vali provides a wide range of high-quality security risk management services that have been tailored for the corporate, development and government sectors. All are delivered to international standards, and all are designed with a common goal – that of helping create and maintain the safest possible environment for staff, equipment, information, and premises.

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