Throughout April, Castor Vali’s Africa Travel Management Cell has supported clientele across multiple markets. With regional and international travel seeing an uptick, our dedicated teams in both East and West Africa, are busy ensuring robust security mitigation measures are in place for travellers.

Castor Vali has 24/7 Operations Centers, strategically positioned in both Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria. Within each location, sits our Travel Management Cell, coordinating all aspects of your travel requirements. Regardless of your destination within the continent, we have you covered!

Our process-driven support and approach are proven and highly effective. Castor Vali ensures you have all the information and tools required, to undertake your journey safely, and to schedule. 

Whether you need a simple pre-travel briefing or a robust security posture such as escort security and protection, Castor Vali can support you.

Travel Management Services

As part of our service offering, the below outlines some of the support you would receive when engaging with Castor Vali for your Africa travel needs;

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