Mozambique Monthly Security Report Overview

As part of our Mozambique Security Reporting service, Castor Vali provides a monthly security report. Each report starts by providing an overview of the main events from the past month.

Mozambique Security Report - shot of Maputo at night

The Mozambique Security Report covers the following areas in each edition:

  1. Overview of the key security events from the last month
  2. Castor Vali’s assessment of the current political, economic and safety and security issues.

Last months report provided the following overview:

Risk Dashboard

Mozambique security report risk assessment table


President Filipe Nyusi’s second and final administration was formed with little disruption in mid-January 2020, despite rejection of the electoral outcome by the main opposition RENAMO party. With political participation more lucrative than dissidence for RENAMO, political risks associated with the RENAMOFRELIMO rivalry have diminished.


Economically, the country has endured depressed output conditions in 2020; however, a rebound is expected in 2021 subject to the development of the country’s liquefied natural gas sector.

Safety and Security

Security and environmental concerns continue to pose downside risks to the economy; among the most prominent of these within the near term are Islamist extremism and the coronavirus pandemic.

More Information about the Mozambique Security Information Report

The suite of security reports for Mozambique include regular reports sent on a schedule at specific times of the week:

  • Daily Incident Reports
  • Weekly Security Reports
  • Monthly Briefing Reports

In addition Castor Vali provides incident-led reports sent to clients by SMS and email dependent on their preferences. These reports cover reported and verified incidents.

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