The following Burkina Faso security advice for January forms part of Castor Vali’s Burkina Faso Security information Service. The information is extracted from the Monthly Security Report which is distributed direct to your email address at the beginning of each month.

Burkina Faso Mosque picture - Burkina Faso Security Advice

January’s monthly report focused on the following two areas:

Castor Vali maintains its advice to clients to avoid all non-essential travel to the northern, eastern and southwestern regions bordering Mali, Niger, Benin, Ghana, Togo and Côte d’Ivoire due to the risk of terrorist and organised criminal group attacks. This includes the following regions in Burkina Faso: Hauts-Bassins, Boucle du Mouhoun, North, Sahel, East, Southwest, and Cascades. If travel to these areas is essential, clients should consider using police escorts and should consult local authorities ahead of their travels.

The government has maintained a curfew within the Sahel region for a further 45 days in a bid to counter the Islamist extremist threat. The order is now in effect until at least 14 January. This curfew is in effect in Dori (the regional capital) from 0001hrs to 0400hrs; from 2000hrs to 0500hrs in Djibo; while the rest of the region observes a curfew from 1900hrs to 0500hrs.

Burkina Faso Regular Security Information Reports Overview

  • Daily Incident Report – providing notifications of events which occurred in the previous day in a short easy to digest format.
  • Monthly Security Report (MSR) – Sent on the 6th working day of each month, covering the previous month. The MSR focuses on the most significant security incidents and events of the month, with the context and our analysis. This includes our Burkina Faso security advice
  • Security Alert (SA)for ongoing or significant reported and verified incidents, sent by email.

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