Site Risk Assessment Scope 

Castor Vali was appointed by a leading energy services company to carry out a full site risk assessment on a Refinery in Northern Nigeria. As the country tries to increase its historically low output of refined petroleum products, sites such as the Kaduna Refinery become ever more critical infrastructure. This, alongside a desire to deploy expatriates and highly trained Nigerian staff to the refinery to improve its output, significantly raises the profile of the site. These changes necessitate a detailed Risk Assessment to allow the development of a new and comprehensive Security Plan to allow the successful future operation of the plant at full capacity. 

refinery risk site assessment

Community Engagement within Site Risk Assessments

Castor Vali deployed to the site to inspect the current security measures and carry out an internal and external survey of the site analysing all aspects of security, we also took the opportunity to liaise with neighbouring communities to appreciate the realities of living under the shadow of the refinery. In the development of any security plan, community engagement is an essential first step. Against the backdrop of the deteriorating security situation in Kaduna State, the need to have the community fully engaged and supportive of the plant becomes of even greater importance.   

Undertaking a Threat Assessment

Simultaneously a detailed threat assessment from a local and regional perspective was conducted to fully understand the threat landscape.  Just over a week was spent on the site and a full site vulnerability assessment was developed with the findings then feeding into the security risk assessment.  These reports coupled with a presentation provided the client with a clear view of the security environment and assisted them in their internal decision-making process.


With a strong capability in Nigeria, providing the full spectrum of security and risk management services, Castor Vali understands the complexities of operations in the region and is ideally placed to assist clients who either already operate there or are considering the available opportunities.

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For those looking to keep up to date with all security, political and commercial events in Nigeria, Castor Vali’s dedicated team of intelligence analysts within our Security Information Service (SIS) department in Lagos provides regular, accurate and timely reporting. This information is gathered from our analysts in the country as well as through an established source network developed over the course of a decade.

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