Over the past year, it has been reported that 97 suspected stowaways have been captured by the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Beecroft as they were trying to illegally enter various European countries. Stowaways normally take the opportunity to board the vessel while alongside or in the port, highlighting the need for professional stowaway searches.

On July 26th, three suspects were arrested while onboard MT SCF Alphine and handed over to the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS).

The NNS Beecroft Commander, Commodore Bashir Mohammed, made it clear that the ongoing arrests are part of the Nigerian Navy’s efforts to address the country’s illegal activities including human trafficking within the maritime space.

The Stowaway Problem

In recent years the stowaway problem has become more acute as people looking to escape war, discrimination, conflict or look for a better life resort to stowing aboard ships. This creates:

  • legal problems for authorities in ports of call,
  • financial problems for shipowners and states,
  • human problems for crews.
Stowaway searches

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