Castor Vali were very pleased to once again be supporting 3D streamer seismic exploration offshore Nigeria. Whilst we have been busy supporting node and other similar types of exploration, it was good to see a high-profile seismic vessel back in Nigeria acquiring proprietary data in an IOCs oil field. We are pleased to have successfully supported the full end-to-end security requirements of our client within high-risk waters. 

Supported onshore by the Castor Vali Nigeria Lagos team, and harnessing the experience of our UK office; we successfully completed the 90-day project, mitigating all identified project threats, with zero security, safety or loss time incidents. 

Seismic Exploration Project Planning

Throughout December and into the New Year, Castor Vali supported our client through the assessment and planning phases that are necessary to prepare for seismic exploration project work offshore Nigeria. This included the intricate drafting of a bespoke Project Security Plan, that bridged the security procedures and existing protocols of the Oil Field with those of our client and in line with the identified project security risks. 

With COVID related restrictions still in place, considered planning with appropriate levels of redundancy was planned and executed for all personnel embarking on the project vessels as they mobilised towards Nigeria. Thus ensuring all vessel hardening and crew training was completed in good time and to the required standards.

Security Vessel Selection

Security vessel selection was conducted in line with our client’s strict vessel criteria and that of the end client. Castor Vali utilised our thorough knowledge of the security vessel market, requirements for seismic exploration offshore Nigeria and knowledge of reliable vessel owners with a proven track record of good maintenance schedules. The selection process concluded with a joint physical inspection (by Castor Vali and client representatives) of all short-listed vessels with a final recommendation being made and agreed upon. 

The security vessels deployed on time, fully prepared with all alongside checks completed. The security vessel crew were briefed regarding task information, project deliverables, and the client’s safety protocols which were implemented whilst operating within the defined oil field. Supported onboard by Castor Vali’s Maritime Security Officers, the security vessels rendezvoused with the clients’ vessels, and all client vessels were safely mobilised. 

The security vessel relief plan was carefully managed by Castor Vali with a replacement vessel being mobilised in good time and with all client inspections and briefs completed. All bunkering and crew changes were satisfied in good time and without unnecessary delays. The integrity of the project’s security plan was upheld throughout until all vessels were safely demobilized out of Nigeran waters.

Project Safety and Security Support Offshore Nigeria

The seismic exploration project was supported by our experts from the early bid stage with indicative pricing and input regarding the security risks through to award; mobilisation, production and safe demobilisation. Castor Vali delivered critical support through our full range of core services from security information, assessment and planning, security advisors, onshore project logistics and project management, security vessel selection and management; as well as journey management support, tracking and monitoring of client personnel. 

The requirement for flexibility is inevitable with all project work. This project was supported from start to finish, adapting to project dynamics and resulting in a successful and safe project for all stakeholders in the world’s highest piracy risk waters. 

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