The third and final part of our Security Advice in the COVID-19 Environment has been taken from our Weekly Kenya Security Information Service (SIS) Report and focuses on security online.

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Criminals and fraudsters are attempting to use COVID-19 to exploit people’s fear and hunger for news. In these worrying times, we can forget our usual caution. We must guard against this. The following advice is specifically about online security. See our COVID-19 Information Service for advice on staying healthy in this COVID-19 environment.

  • Be cautious of prompts to click on links promising access to critical information. Many of us have joined new social media groups in our hunger for news. Use your usual caution when you receive posts from anyone you don’t know personally. Being in a group with people does not mean you can trust them.
  • Be selective and thoughtful in what news you choose to read, trust and share online, particularly on social media groups. Don’t contribute to the spread of misinformation – it can be very harmful to the public good and we all have to exercise our usual social responsibility.

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