Together with our aviation partners at Castor Vali Services Nigeria (CVSN), we continue to expand our regional and continental travel services in support of our client’s evolving journey management needs. Compliance, safety, and service delivery remain the clearly defined ethos at the Castor Vali Group (CVG); we constantly evaluate our service models to ensure an effective and comprehensive delivery.

With the Nigerian elections set for March 2023, a potentially volatile landscape exists. Planning for business continuity and the safety of personnel is essential. Subsequently, CVSN is reviewing all its journey management plan protocols to ensure the best operational advice is provided – CVGs Security Information Services team play an integral part in this planning process by providing live feed and analysis on all security and political movements and events.

Bespoke Air Support Services

Whilst our ground support services remain a key part of our delivery, we are pleased to offer a full host of bespoke air support services in Nigeria including:

  • Medical evacuations for onshore and offshore operations – Fixed Wing/Rotary assets to approved standards
  • Regional and international private travel services 
  • Ground handling services 
  • Meet and Greet Fast Track Services

CVSN utilizes a range of aircraft to fit the client’s needs, be it for regional or international destinations.

Our range of Fixed Wing assets includes – Light, Mid and Heavy Jets

  • Legacy 600 – maximum of 13 seaters
  • Challenger 604/605 – 10-12 seaters
  • Hawker 800/900xp – 8 seaters
  • Learjet – 8 seaters
  • Phenom 300 – 7 seaters
  • Gulfstream 450 – 13 seaters

Rotary Wing

  • Twin Engine Eurocopter 

Please note that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority does not permit night flying for rotary wing assets.

More Information

If you have any questions or require any air support services in Nigeria or journey management planning, please do get in touch with us:

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