Last year, Castor Vali’s investigations and due diligence department supported multiple clients with a variety of complex, business assurance services.

To meet client demand within this extremely delicate ‘service space’ Castor Vali draw upon our international network of in-country experts, trusted sources and analysts with decades of risk management, international relations, security, and intelligence experience to meet our clients at their point of need.

We continue to work with the world’s leading organisations and corporates to create and protect the sustainable value of their businesses. Our professional, trusted advisors work with senior leadership across key functional areas to develop innovative, technology-driven solutions to identify and solve business challenges that stand in the way of your business growth and progress. 

business assurance services

Drawing on our multi-industry and cross-border experience, we can help to conduct incisive fraud investigations and forensic analysis. 

Within this business line, we can and have conducted the following types of Investigations, Forensic Services and Due Diligence:

  1. Employee Background Checks
  2. Corporate DD
  3. Theft / Money Laundering / Forensic 
  4. Counter Surveillance
  5. Bugging & Counter Bugging
  6. Penetration testing, internal/external (Cyber-crime)
  7. Embedded managers

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