After an extended period of relative inactivity within the offshore Kenya energy sector, Castor Vali is very pleased to have once again successfully supported offshore exploration from our Kenya office in direct support of a deep-water drilling project.

Through our in-country security framework contract, Castor Vali were tasked to provide end to end safety and security project requirements. Harnessing the experience of our dominant offshore track record, Castor Vali has successfully completed the project, mitigating all identified project threats, with zero incidents reported or recorded during the campaign.

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Project Planning 

Throughout November 2021, our team undertook a series of pre-project planning meetings to align project requirements, ensuring timely deployment, despite the challenges posed by evolving COVID-19 restrictions. Supporting our client and the various stakeholders with Project Risk Assessment, the creation of the Project Security Plan, conducting Vessel Hardening Vulnerability Assessments, Security Vessel chartering and Journey Management protocols; Castor Vali deployed our Maritime Security Officers on time, ready for pre-deployment vessel preparations, including coaching and mentoring, alongside the Kenyan Navy. 

Chartered Security Vessel 

Castor Vali supported our client and the wider project with a suitable security vessel, complementing the requirements of static deep-water operations. This includes increased levels of endurance and the ability to house our staff and our Kenyan Navy counterparts. The security vessel also needed to deliver as a reactive security platform, able to interdict at high speed, to protect and maintain the integrity of the security zones. Through our vast vessel network and knowledge of the market, we were not only able to identify suitable vessels but also adapt to project dynamics and delivery date changes. All vessel logistics, support during port calls and Navy crew changes were managed and supported locally in Mombasa, through our Kenyan team, from Castor Vali Africa. 

Project Safety and Security

Deployed approximately 200km from the Kenyan coastline, Castor Vali, in collaboration with our Kenyan Navy colleagues, has supported 110 days of deep-water drilling. Our client has operated unhindered by the identified safety and security risks and our onboard teams have mitigated potential acts of piracy, maintained and upheld the integrity of the exclusion zone, deterred unwanted attention from local fishing fleets, whilst coordinating all security at a local level. 

Additionally, all onshore crew change logistics and secure transportation has been managed by our dedicated onshore team and supported by our 24/7 Operations Centre and Travel Management Desk. 

More Information 

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