Castor Vali Services Nigeria (CVSN) is a leading risk management company that has been providing secure journey management services to both the offshore and onshore commercial and non-governmental sectors in West Africa for over a decade. Travelling to and within high-risk environments can be stressful, whether it is for regular or occasional travellers. Therefore, companies have a duty of care to ensure the necessary security measures are in place to protect their employees, enabling them to conduct their business effectively and with continuity.

Tailored Security Solutions:

With West Africa’s constantly evolving threat landscape, CVSN offers clients a tailored and detailed analysis of prevailing threats through our Security Information Services (SIS). Our analysts provide continuous security updates to our Regional Operations Centre (ROC) in Lagos and our on-the-ground security teams. This ensures an intelligence-led approach to the delivery of both offshore and onshore services.

Our services include:

1. Security Plans: We develop comprehensive security plans to address the specific needs of our clients.

2. Security Risk Analysis and Assessments: Our experts conduct thorough risk analysis and assessments to identify vulnerabilities and develop appropriate countermeasures.

3. Comprehensive Meet and Greet / Fast Track Services: Our dedicated teams guide clients through immigration and customs points, ensuring a seamless transition to their waiting security team for onward transit.

4. Secure Transport and Security Support: We offer secure transport services and provide on-the-ground security support throughout the journey.

5. 24/7 TrackAssist Mobile Tracking Services: Our clients are monitored through our mobile tracking platform, providing round-the-clock overwatch from our ROC.

Fleet Management:

Castor Vali maintains a fleet of high-standard vehicles that are operated by our team of trained drivers. Our fleet includes:

  • SUV Land Cruisers VX and Prado
  • B6 Armoured Vehicles
  • Toyota Hiace Minibuses
  • Toyota Twin Cab Pick-ups – MOPOL Armed Police
Journey Management Services

Security Briefs and Passage Plans:

Drawing on our extensive experience in the maritime sector, Castor Vali specialises in designing individual, bespoke security briefs and passage plans for commercial and private vessels transiting through high-risk areas (HRA) and ports worldwide. Our full onboard security management support is provided by industry-accredited professionals, many of whom have backgrounds in the Royal Marines and host nation forces. We take pride in delivering safe and sustainable solutions for complex tasks in challenging locations.

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