Risk Management Services Mozambique

Castor Vali Mozambique (CVMZ), part of the Castor Vali Group of Companies, is a registered security provider (incorporated in 2017) that offers a broad range of risk management services across multiple sectors in-country. Whilst physical security is a significant component of our business, our services are broad and extend to:

  • Security Information Services (SIS) on political and security developments in-country
  • Threat / Risk / Vulnerability Assessments / Security Studies / Security Plans, EMRPs / Evacuation plans 
  • Maritime and Offshore Security, Journey Management, Tracking and Monitoring, Investigations, Close Protection, Training and Consultancy services

With safety at the heart of our operations, we have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the risks when operating locally in remote and hostile environments. We are proud to consistently deliver the most complex projects safely, on time and on budget. Our security and advisory experts are highly experienced and qualified to provide a dedicated, client-focused service, delivering risk mitigation solutions carefully tailored to project priorities. Our mission is to provide intelligence-led, expeditionary security and risk management services, enabling our clients to maintain maximum operational effectiveness. Click here to learn more about Castor Vali’s mission and vision.

Mozambique Security Information Services (SIS) Reporting Packages

Castor Vali’s dedicated team of country risk analysts provide accurate and timely subscription reporting on security, political and commercial events in Mozambique. This ensures our clients can proactively manage their exposure to risks and explore opportunities.

Our range of reporting products in Mozambique comprises both onshore and offshore products. Subscriptions can be taken out for the following:

Onshore Reporting

  • Daily round-ups of major political, security, and economic events from the day prior. These are delivered each weekday morning 
  • Alerting to major events, particularly security developments relating to the Cabo Delgado insurgency, on an ongoing basis. Alerts are available in SMS and email formats. 
  • Weekly reports detailing the week’s political, security, and economic developments in Mozambique, with an extensive focus on the Cabo Delgado insurgency 
  • Monthly reports assessing the major events from each month 
  • Deep Dives into trending issues as and when they arise 

Offshore reporting

  • Maritime Flash Alerts are designed to provide timely and accurate information on key maritime incidents and events as they occur within high-risk areas globally, including the Indian Ocean.
  • Maritime Weekly Reports detail the week’s maritime incidents across four areas, including the Indian Ocean. 

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Castor Vali is constantly developing and evolving our product and service offerings which are driven by client demand. Should you require a higher level of reporting than is currently offered, or reports for countries not currently listed we can tailor reports to fit your needs for a nominal additional cost. For more information use the contact form below or email us at info@castorvali.com

Mozambique Bespoke Intelligence Assessments

Many clients also approach us to answer a specific question or conduct a focused assessment to support their operations in the country. Different report types can also be merged to tailor this specifically to a client’s needs. Example reporting types are as follows

  • A pre-market entry assessment: This can take many forms, but generally such reports review the political, economic, security and even sector landscape before clients embark on an engagement or investment in-country.
  • Due Diligence investigations: These include background and compliance checks on individuals/companies that our clients intend to operate with.
  • Threat assessment: These reports detail the threats to proposed operations (with a focus on security) in a client’s area of business. 
  • Security Risk Assessment: This builds on the threat assessment by not only detailing the threats in the area but by expanding on the likelihood and impact of these threats manifesting at the site in question and the site’s vulnerability in this regard.
Risk Management Services Mozambique

Journey Management and Crew Change Support

  • Journey Management Plans – Providing detailed road movement plans through all key travel locations: Palma, Pemba, Nacala and Maputo and other locations.
  • Crew change Support and Logistics – We provide end-to-end support to our clients to support crew movements to and from the vessel/platform. This includes visa, TWP / OPS arrangements, airport meet and greet, hotel bookings, journey-managed road movements, internal air transfers, embarkation and disembarkation assistance, and overall crew change coordination.
  • Coordinated and managed from our Maputo office, we support our clients with vehicles, armed escorts, consultancy, planning and more. Our in-country team and local network can support our clients in a challenging and dynamic location. We are proud to have a 100% safety track record in the delivery of our services.
Risk Management Services Mozambique

Maritime and Offshore Security

Castor Vali Group has successfully provided maritime and offshore security solutions to the highest industry standards since 2012. Our significant experience in maritime and offshore operations has earned us a reputation for quality, flexibility and reliability. Our client list includes the largest oil majors who rely on us to consistently provide safe solutions in full compliance with national laws and industry best practice. This combination makes us the right choice for maritime and offshore security services in Mozambique

Our range of services includes:

  • East African Security Vessels (SV) – Providing SV’s in and out of all Mozambique ports, terminals and other offshore facilities within the Indian Ocean
  • Offshore Security – Providing full project support with pre-mobilisation assessment and training, security planning, onshore crew change and logistics, offshore armed security vessel and onboard consultancy.
  • Crew Training – Planning and delivering information, security training and guidance to crews in high-risk environments.
  • Bridge Advisory – We provide bridge advisors (international and local) onboard vessels to assist with advice on vessel hardening procedures, door management systems and lockdown procedures, to assist the Master with the implementation of the security plan and coordination with client security and host nation security forces.
  • Vessel Hardening Vulnerability Assessments – Providing assessments as a crucial part of the vessels readiness and safety to work offshore within high-risk waters. All vessels visiting or working within high-risk waters require a well-prepared vessel hardening plan prior to their arrival.
  • Port and Terminal Risk Assessments – Providing port/terminal assessments as part of mitigation measures for vessels readiness and safety to work offshore in high-risk waters.
Risk Management Services Mozambique

Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance

Castor Vali is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner, contributing to the communities in which we operate and respecting the needs of clients, employees, suppliers, regulators, and other relevant stakeholders.

As an African-focused company and an incorporated Mozambique entity, we have a clear policy and long-term strategy towards Local Content supported by our locally incorporated regional subsidiaries.

Through engagement with industry working groups, we remain at the forefront of international industry best practices, compliance, and regulation changes. For more information on our commitment to compliance or to view our Code of Conduct and other policies here.

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To find out more about our services: email us at info@castorvali.com or call us on +258 (0) 84 175 8767

Email Mozambique Country Manager Ed Jarvis: ed.jarvis@castorvali.com

Office address: Castor Vali Mozambique Limitada, Bairro Da Polana, Avenida Marginal, Torres Ranni, Torre 2, Pisso 2, Distrito Kampfumo, Maputo. 

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